Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Co-op's Grocery Store School Rewards Program!

Williamsburg Parent Cooperative Preschool has partnered with three of our local grocery stores (Martin’s, Harris Teeter and Farm Fresh) to earn funds and educational equipment for the school!

How you can help:
1.    Please be sure to register your customer loyalty cards at Martin’s (our school code is 06585) and Harris Teeter (our school code is 1812) to earn funds for our school.

2.    You can also bring in the bottom half of your Farm Fresh receipts marked with “123-4 Total” and deposit them in the envelope located on the bulletin board at the co-op entrance.  We can redeem these receipts for educational equipment provided by Farm Fresh.

3.    Please share this information with your friends and families. 

It’s an easy way to help support our school and it’s free!

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